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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alley Fix

Revised Alley in Summer, 24x36, oil on canvas
detail of Forester and Lawn Mowing
Alley as originally posted on May 17
One of my friends sent me an email after I posted this painting a month ago with some suggestions and observations. I thought about what she said and took some of her suggestions to heart and others with slight modifications. Above is the before and after. First I attacked what I didn't like which was to take the foliage coming in to the barn house, out. It had never pleased me. I redid the purple recycle bins, toning them down, redid the blue car, making it darker to draw the eye down the alley; both suggestions from my friend. Then I added some of the purple from the recycle bins to the right-hand side of the alley adding some to tone down the value of the barn facing the viewer. Since that got darker the house at the corner had a bright white square popping out and it had to be toned down too. Next the value and color of the sky were changed and the road got darkened leaving some of the original coming through. While doing the sky, I went over the trees and simplified them and while the green was out the Virginia creeper had more leaf buds added so it didn't look so spotty and the spot of mowed grass in front of the barn house was toned down. The man mowing the grass then needed some attention and I am thinking it is done. That is what is called the domino effect! Change one thing then something else doesn't read right. The one suggestion I did not take was to remove the telephone pole closest to the viewer. All the poles got darkened which I think then anchored them.
If anyone has suggestions for a title to this painting I am open to suggestions.


Travelingrant said...

"Almost Home"

victoriasart said...

Too True! that is my friend's car and she is almost home. That is about where her garage is in the alley. I didn't realize it was her car until I started to paint it.