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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fine Tuning Alley in Spring


the one that came before

This past week has been spent fine tuning paintings. This painting, which has the uninspired title of "Alley in Spring," did not require much, but I ended up doing more than Kevin suggested. His suggestion was to darken the road because it was almost as light as the sky. What I did was to lighten the sky and the trees in the background and darken and unify the road. The road doesn't look that much darker but relative to the sky it is. I also lighten the shadows of the white truck and added a subtle pattern of light to the blooming trees.

I am open to suggestions for a name for this painting.


Aloha Sistah said...

"Bloomin' Alley" or to confuse the issue, "Blue Minally!"

victoriasart said...

Bloomin' Alley, I like it. I don't understand Blue Minally...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these new developments. I am so enlightened.
I like them both, but the new lighting does bring a clearer focus. I would call it Patroling the Alley, since that is what the critter (and possibly the trucker) appears to be doing.