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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Walk Back in Time

Parry's Primrose
Chiming Bells

There was a time, many moons ago, when we hiked as a family. During this phase of life, I would carry my watercolor supplies and do sketches of wild flowers along the way.  When I reached 100, the research began in earnest so that I could compile these sketches into a little book. I actually did talk to a publisher but was told my book was too much like others already on the market. Recently, the last prototype I had from this experience went out the door to a new home. It got me thinking I needed to revamp the book. And see if I could add some new sketches.  Which means go hiking. Which we have not done in a coon's age. Truly. Do I really want to find out how out of shape I am??

The good news is, the hike went well; the bad news is, I did not get any sketching done. Here is a shot taken on our way back to the car. The blue flowers are Columbines. Near the streams the Parry Primroses were amazing and the trail was lined with Chiming Bells and Larkspur. I did snap some photos to see if I can identify the few flowers I found that I did not know. It was good to be back on the trail.


Randy Saffle said...

Victoria, Thanks for visiting my blog. It helped me find yours. You have a lot of diverse styles and I like them all! Great job, I'll be back.

Travelingrant said...

I always did love your wildflower watercolors. Is that Herman's Gulch I see?

victoriasart said...

Randy, thanks for visiting. I found your blog through Outdoor Painters group.
Grant, yes that is Herman's Gulch. Still one of my favorite meadows. There were still piles of hail on the edge of the trail from the previous was very wet.

Aloha Sistah said...

How green and lush it looks in the photo, especially after how dried out it was in Dallas this past week. No doubt you will be inspired, as you often are, by a mountain interlude.

victoriasart said...

Definitely inspired to get back on the trail more often!