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Monday, November 28, 2011

Blue Note - 6x6

Blue Note, 6x6, oil on linen on board
I was thinking I would submit some works to a show that only takes 6x6" paintings. I changed my mind about entering but not before doing a few paintings to try the the small square format. Here is the first one I did, thinking I would keep it simple yet have visual impact. I saw this scene while sitting at the light at Downing St and Evans one day not too long ago. It made me think of a musical score. I can't read music but I wonder what a musician would get out of birds sitting on power lines, if anything.
As a side note, I was by here again yesterday and saw a bird sitting just like this one on the top of the pole! I wonder if birds have their "spots" like people do.


Anonymous said...

we spent a long time watching seagulls on the beach in Texas. They have a very specific order as to who sits on the big post, who sits on each fence post along the beach, and in what order they take their places and leave them. We visually marked the "leader," who was also responsible for resolving quarrels between two other birds as to whom would be allowed to occupy a particular post. They were very orderly about who gets the first shot at available food sources, too. I couldn't figure out how they know who's in their particular group or how they know these things. I also haven't figured out how they can all whooosh to the air suddenly and get into formations without knocking into each other. It's a wonderful experience to watch them.
We (and a bunch of others in traffic) enjoyed watching a group of birds on the street's edge, where a small pothole had filled with rainwater and created a bathtub for them. They took turns bathing FURIOUSLY in the water that was there, and sang with delight as they anticipated their own turns at the bath. It was hilariously fun to watch. Again, a very orderly flurry of rejoicing!

victoriasart said...

Thank you Linda. This was very helpful. I do observe birds but not at any great length. I do get the sense that there is a hierarchy just from what little I have seen without going into too much research so I appreciate your corroboration.