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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pear Odalisk

Day 11 4x6 oil on Watercolor postcard stock
I have been severely negligent in getting to my 15 minute daily painting. Here is the last pear from the bag I bought at the farmer's market 2 weeks ago. Took them awhile to get ripe, but this one is now perfect so I had to paint it so I could eat it. I managed to beat the clock for a change-it helps to keep it simple.

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Anonymous said...

this is lovely, with great depth and tone. It has so much variation of light play, it changes depending on how you look at it; at one glance, it is a moist and ripe pear; at another, it is an abstract nude; at another, it is textured and lighted as a folded fabric. very interesting...and all that in only 15 minutes!! wow.
Hope you are having a great weekend at the museum art walk. Best wishes.