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Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 OPA National Show

Harvard Gulch Alley in Winter - 30x40", oil on canvas
I found out last week that the painting above was accepted into the 2012 Oil Painters of America show, which is not an easy show to be accepted into. This is the second time a painting of mine has been accepted. I was wanting to get into this particular event as the show will be held at the Evergreen Fine Art Gallery. No shipping costs! That is huge. The 2012 Western Regional OPA show will be held in Denver this year as well, so that is of great interest that both of these shows are in Colorado in the same year. It is hard to believe but the two times I have submitted to the regional show, I was not accepted, but I have gotten into two National shows, which have so many more applicants. Go figure. Due to the recession, many well established artists are entering shows more now than before, so that makes the competition that much stiffer. I will post the dates and times as the event draws closer. It is in June.


Aloha Sistah said...

Kudos, Victoria! Your eye for composition and color combined with increasingly masterful technique continue to gain attention... Wanna bet yours is the only alley picture in the show?

Anonymous said...

I love it. Telephone poles are perfect. Small item for me to notice, but I love them. Don

victoriasart said...

Thank you! I do too. I just did a painting of cattle crossing a road in the wide open spaces of WY and I haven't posted it yet, but even there, I put in the telephone poles.

Travelingrant said...

Congrats! That is an excellent painting.