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Monday, April 2, 2012

Forsythia study

Study, 8x6, oil on linen
This weekend I ventured out with my paint box to the garden. It has been too long since I have painted outside from life and the hot spring day called me forth. I wanted to at least make an attempt before the forsythia bush turns green. It has already started as you can see. I opted to start small both in size of canvas and what to paint. Zeroing in on a small area some how feels more doable. It was amazingly hot for late March so I painted quickly just to get out of the sun. There was no convenient place in the shade, and having just had 18+ precancerous spots removed from my face, I am very much aware of the sun again. I do want to make more of an effort to go outside - I had forgotten how good it feels. It doesn't matter how successful this particular study is, I was just so pleased that I did it! There was a blond brick wall behind the bush, in the shade, which helped the yellow pop out from the background.

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