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Friday, July 6, 2012

Reflections Now and Then

This painting is a favorite of mine, and I like it so much that when we repainted our dining room this past winter, the new color matched this painting to a "T." I have been looking at it during every meal since. I decided I would like to enter it into an upcoming juried show. Now this piece got noticed in the online juried show, Bold Brush in January, so it is not that shabby. Yet there were a few niggle-y "little" things I wanted to fix. However, once I got it out of the frame and in the studio again, I realized there were lots of  "little" things needing to be fixed so I ended up starting all over on this one too.
For one, the waves were too white; the reflection was incomplete, the feet bothered me, the beach did not seem to recede into the distance as well as it might, his head faded into the drizzle too much, I punched the red up a notch,  etc etc. I think it is a much stronger, more adult, painting now.
Reflections, 36x18' - 2011, oil on canvas


Travelingrant said...

I see what you mean, and there is a lot I like better about the new painting. Though I find the whole thing just a bit too blue.. I like the greyish cast of the first. Though the redone reflection et al is amazing.

victoriasart said...

I agree with you. I found it too dark and the sand not mirror like so I reworked it again this past weekend.