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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Abstraction Week 2

Mea Culpa. This post was scheduled for Sept 29 but did not publish for some reason. Here I am ready to add the finished painting without the lead-in! So here you go. A few days late but who is to know?

Since I was not quite on the right track after the first class day of painting, I went home, took a photo of the painting where it was at, printed it out, and then used colored pencil to block in new areas and then took a brush with paint thinner and spread the color around. That is the lower right sketch above. Realizing that was not the most cost effective way to do it, I printed out a second copy and then used tracing paper and oil paint to do the two ideas at the top. Kevin picked the one I did first with colored pencils for me to work from. Below is what I did in class this past Monday. He was very happy with my progress but said I was "not done" and more layering needed to happen. I will print out a copy of the painting as shown below and play around with ideas of where to take it further for class on Monday. Monday is the last day to paint on this assignment. I offered to obliterate the buildingness of the composition, but he said no, the composition is great.
It is an interesting lesson for all of us in this class. I don't think there is one person not struggling. Eeven among those whom I think are doing quite well with the assignment say they are struggling. I am looking to Richard Diebenkorn for inspiration for this project. Others are trying Franz Kline for their inspiration, to name a few.

We are also charged with bringing in ideas for the next months assignment which will be dark light pattern. I will miss two of the four classes for that assignment so I am hoping to do a simple example.

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