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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day on the Delta

Locke, CA, 20x16, oil on canvas
I heard about the "town" of Locke, CA through a plein air workshop a friend of mine went to called Delta Funk. It is put on through a local gallery in the area. On a visit to family I was able to take a day trip to some of the towns that are included to explore the funk around the Delta towns of Sacramento. Locke is a small China Town, built by and for the local Chinese of the time (early 20th century). It contains only a few blocks but it did fit the bill for a funky little town. I took quite a few photos for reference, this being the first view I have chosen to paint. I have another view of this covered walkway from the other end of it that I want to do as a companion piece.
The day we were there it was dead as you can see, but I was told it was packed on the weekends.

I started this painting two years ago and finally brought it out again this summer, determined as I was to not start anything new before trying to finish up some of those I had left hanging out there. It technically is a light and shadow painting but I painted it as flat local tone because most of it is in shadow with reflected light bouncing in.


Anonymous said...

What an inviting walkway! The light and shadows play off each other so well, so we sense the cool of this little refuge from the sun. The textures are "funky" throughout, so the walls and walkway look as rickety as they must have been when first built. This is a unique addition to your alley studies. Thanks for sharing your great work.
It's hard for me to think of CA as belonging to the "delta;" that's a very specific identity for us here in the southeast. LNB

victoriasart said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comments. I just reworked the two "fog" paintings from France. I think they both are much improved. I will send you photos when i get them taken. I kept what you had said about them in the back of my mind incubating all this time. You are so very perceptive and are helping me to see into the paintings with new depth.

Anonymous said...

I love this scene and it looks like one of the shop walkways in Sante Fe. CLC

Anonymous said...

Wow, I walked right into this painting thinking I was in New Orleans until I got close enough to read the Chinese names! Thanks for taking me there. LB