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Monday, April 27, 2015

Pears - for the fun of it

Pears in Blue and Green, 6x6, oil on panel

Pears in Red and Green, 6x6, oil on panel
Remember back in January when I signed up to do the 30 paintings in 30 day online challenge? Well, this week I had these two charming pears in the fridge and I painted them on two different days before work. That was one of my goals for doing the challenge; To see if I could paint before or after work during the week. I don't even mind if I don't do it often, but it is nice to see I can get to my easel if only for 30," from time to time during the work week.

Recently, while reorganizing in my basement to find room for some new canvas's I ordered, I came across some very early oil paintings. So early that they are painted on cardboard. We were cautioned to not spend money on high end supplies while doing the basics. It was our first foray into color after using only black and white while learning values. They have been kept all these years because I really liked them at the time, and believe it or not, I still really like them. They are simple in shape and color but they work. Finding those old paintings made me want to paint simple shapes and color for the fun of it and so voila. Here you have it.

Also while cleaning up for above said new canvas's I realized I need to have a studio sale. It is time to clean house. There will be small studies such as these pears as well as plein air pieces and other studio works. I will keep you posted.

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