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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fishin' off the Pier

Fishing off the Pier, 24x24, oil on panel
Here is the finished painting of my brown pelican. I was struggling with the block in for this piece. Getting the Pelican correctly drawn should not have been a problem but sometimes these things happen. It seems the simpler the shape the more the errors show!

This is local tone, or three main values: light, medium and dark. Just as a reminder, local tone is usually a gray or overcast day.

Once I got my pelican drawn in the rest was fun to paint. This image was taken on the inter-coastal river along the eastern seaboard of Florida when my aunt and I were on a road trip. She was so gracious to stop whenever and where-ever I got a fancy so I could take photos. I zoomed in when taking this handsome portrait as I did not want the bird to fly away if I got too close for comfort. Not to worry. He had his eye on bigger fish than me.

Not only was I taken with the bird but I liked the graphic structure of the pier as well. A nice break up of the space. The juxtaposition of the organic on the linear intrigues me.

Sitting on the dock in the bay? I may have to take that for the name of this piece with a nod to Otis Redding.


Mitzimc said...

You are sooo talented! Your life has been dedicated to learning and practicing this art. The world is better with you practicing in it!

victoriasart said...

Really appreciate your comment Mitzi. I do love what I do and it has been a journey of learning, hitting brick walls and climbing over them; I can't pretend it has been easy. but like you in your profession we do it no matter how much learning it takes. The world is better for what you do too! We do our wee bit, eh?