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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rooftops -Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov, 30x40, oil on linen

Last year I saw the photo of this scene posted on FB by my sister-in-law. I Really Wanted to Paint it. But last year, it intimidated me. I downloaded the image (with her permission) and saved it for a later time. In April I decided to go for it. The rooftops are so catawampus who would know but me where it is off and really, in this scene, who cares? Not only did I want to have a few routes through and around this intriguing place but I also wanted to see how many different colored and textured orange roofs I could get out of it. In the end I think I used 3-4 different reds and yellows with blues added where needed. It was a maze to figure out but I did enjoy painting this piece and I learned a lot doing it. I have a few paintings unfinished that I think this piece has given me the information I need to finish them up.

I looked up Cesky Krumlov and it is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. I believe this was shot from the castle overlooking the old town.

This has been a tough painting to photograph. Some of the reds I cannot get the camera to read correctly so I may repaint them to see if that helps.


Anonymous said...

This is an exciting and fun work! A truly Victoria-grade challenge, and you met it not only with great skill but also with your wild heart. I like it very much, and as always, knowing the story behind it makes it all that much better. The light play through this maze is wonderful. THanks for sharing. LNB

victoriasart said...

Yes. This one was fun once I got over my initial stage fright. I see it as the start a new direction for me.