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Thursday, October 27, 2016

County Road 519 - facing south

CR 519, looking south, oil on linen panel, 18x24, available
Here is the third painting in this mini series of CR 519. I posted the hay bales last week, and a few weeks before that I painted the view heading east in a little 6x6. There will not be one looking north I don't think as that view did not inspire me so much. Of the three, I was most interested in this composition as it allowed me to think more abstractly. By that I mean there were all these large simple shapes that I explored almost as individual areas, yet wanting them to work together, too. Within each large shape I wanted there to be interest by keeping the values close together and using brushstrokes, texture and layers.

It was in the late afternoon as the sun was going down so in that light from this direction, the hay bales are all just dark shapes as they are in shadow. They help move the eye down, and then the grasses and road sweep your eye down the road. Just where does that road lead? This view is definitely more linear than the hay bales, but both are painted graphically with shapes in mind. I sure enjoyed the colors too.

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