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Friday, October 21, 2016

County Road 519 Harvest

County Road Ready, 18x24, oil on panel. Available
Here is the finished painting from the block in I did a few weeks ago.  I have included it below so it is easier to compare.

You can see that I did not have to correct much of the drawing on this one. That is one of the more forgiving aspects of doing a landscape. What I really enjoyed about this particular scene was the repeating shapes. Not just in the hay bales, which is the obvious, but also the circular oval patterns in the fields and the same movement in the hills. The buildings are the minor player or a secondary pattern. I did think about leaving them out originally but I liked them in the block in so they stayed.
The other aspect I liked was the yellow reds moving to yellow greens; the yellow greens going to blue greens and then to purple and blue. I am not sure what it is that is so pleasing to me about using the primary and secondary colors but it has a freshness to it that I find appealing.

This is scene is facing north. From the same section of road, I took photos in each direction. This painting I posted recently is facing east. I have also finished the painting that was in the block in post linked above that is facing south so more in shadow as I was facing the sun. It will be its own post. Stay tuned!

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Lisa said...

It's so interesting to learn WHY a scene looks pleasing to the eye - I wouldn't have identified the similar curved shapes, but once I read that, yeah! The colors are so gorgeous too.