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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fraser, Colorado

The last time I was in Fraser I not only painted the scene already posted of the ranch that I call Fraser Valley (same view, different years) but I also painted the Byers Ranch outbuilding above. This one has a different feel to it even though they were painted the same day. Byers Ranch was painted in the morning. I hadn't realized this before but I have committed a big no-no here. The painting is cut right in half. If I recall correctly, I was using the brush and willows with the evergreen trees to lead the eye up to the outbuilding with that great purple color of the bank of dirt behind it. I do believe that the dark blue of the evergreens above the dirt bank saves it from feeling cut in half. I was taken by the textures and the colors of the scene. I am going to Fraser tomorrow to paint, not sure where just yet. I am hoping some fall colors will be out.

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