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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday in Fredericksburg

This morning we drove about 15 miles from town to an amazing old spread. From the road up to the "complex" it looks like a small European Village. Sally, our hostess, was so delighed to have us and said we could come "any time." Her llamas greeted us as we walked up the drive, and Chuck and I were each treated to a "kiss" from the boldest of the bunch. I think he (the llama) kissed everyone who would let him, but since I was at the head of the group, we got in first.

We painted here all day; I painted one of the barn's in the morning from the hill above the buildings looking down on it. I painted a section of the scene above in the afternoon. I painted "large" today (it is all relative), doing a 16x12 in the morning and a 12x12 in the afternoon. I am behind on taking photos of my work. Tonight we are dining at the brew pub in town.


Anonymous said...

Llama kisses. Who knew?

victoriasart said...

It was very gentle and sweet.