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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Windy Series from Fredericksburg

Above is a Live Oak (14"x11") I painted on Thursday morning; so one of the last paintings I did; as is alwasy the case, I just get warmed up and it is the end of the paintout! I did a 20" minute after this one, as two bulls had come and taken up residence under the tree as I was finishing this one up. I did not want to add them in case I blew it, but I think I captured the bulls pretty well, all things considering in my sketch (12"x9").

Below is the afternoon painting from Wednesday at Sally's Spread. This was the incredible ranch that looked like a mini French village. Most everyone did a long landscape to capture all the buildings. I decided on this square format (12"x12"). The morning painting is being worked on. I was unhappy with it but resisted wiping it off. I have been playing with it today in my studio. It had a good foundation so I think I can make something presentable.

The watering cans are from Tuesday morning. I really want to play with the shapes on this one. It was meant to be a study for a larger painting, but I ran out of time. I also smeared it but I had fun painting it. Below is the token Bluebonnet painting (12"x9") from Tuesday after lunch. There were not many Bluebonnets to be found as this area of Texas is in drought conditions. It is not one of my favorites from the trip.
This is the third painting of the day from Tuesday; it is 16"x8". I sat out in the middle of a field for this one. I haven't decided if it needs anything done with the foreground. The unfinished look of it doesn't bother me at all.

And finally, the last painting of the trip (16"x10"). This is the place Barbara and Chuck rented while their house was being built. I am not sure, but I do think this painting was done under the windiest of conditions of the week, which is saying something. One of those hold on to your easel or it will fly over kind of days. I worked really fast and I have done some touch ups in the background as I laid out good shapes to finish later. The fence is also incomplete. But for a two hour painting I am good with that. I really liked the colors and odd angles of these buildings.

That completes the "Windy Series," minus the one already posted and the one being reworked.


Aloha Sistah said...

What strikes me about this Windy Series is how in each of them, there is a green element, sometimes something small, like a plant, which pops out. Maybe it's just all the green hype of Earth Day? Or having spent 4 days on Kauai with green the dominant island color my eyes have to readjust to drier landscapes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria, Kay Milam here! I enjoyed meeting you at the Fredricksberg, Texas paintout. It was my first paintout and I loved it even though I was so sunburnt on that first CLOUDY/COLD day.

I am so excited about painting outdoors so I went on the internet and found this info. [Your group may already know it.] The IPAP group is planning a worldwide paintout in September and they would like all to register and just paint in their own localities. I hope our group here will participate.

I may have cheated on my plein air paintings because I have reworked them in the studio. But I understand how invigorating the painting is when done outdoors.

Keep up the good posts, they are informative.