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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Alley Progresses pt 3

This weekend saw more progress made on this ambitious (for me) painting. I went back in and simplified the big shadow shape on the alley road. I had gotten a bit carried away last weekend. While I was at it I darkened the whole road a bit. The snow was simplifed and given shape. The chain link fences were completed and I put the dead Virginia Creeper in on the fence by the red shed. While I was working on the dead creeper, I then united all the dead vegetation along the alley. I didn't like the tree branch going towards the upper left hand corner of the main tree so I simplified that but I am not sure it is where I want it yet. Last weekend I had also finished up the RV. I have to give Leslie Allen credit for this painting. We had painted at Harvard Gulch together a few years ago and I remember her saying that this looked like a painting waiting to happen. I have kept that thought all this time.


mariefraser said...

WOW... Vic this is amazing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You're still an inspiration. Congratulations on getting into the OPA National Show!

Cynthia said...

This is going to be another great one for you Vic . . . I just know it. Have you considered toning down the contrast between the yellow numbers and the light post in the foreground? Just a thought. It is a fabulous composition and very well done. What size is it?

victoriasart said...

Marie, thanks. It is still a work in progress (wip) but it is getting close. I already have another alley painting lined up after this one. Cynthia, yes, I have been eyeing those bright yellow numbers as being too much. Thanks for confirming it. You have a good eye. It is 30"x40" one of my largest to date. Don't know where the heck I am going to put it when it is done.

Cynthia said...

I hope you put it in a big show somewhere as it is another wonderful painting. Congratulations!

Lel said...

I take no credit for this at all! It is all from your amazing vision,talent and perseverence! You took one rejection and turned it into success! I am so proud of you.
This is an amazing piece! It should go to a big show or my house.
Love, Leslie