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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Before the Reception on Thursday 9-15-11

Victoria with her son, Grant

Victoria, with her niece, Jen and her sister, Megan
This past week has been a whirlwind of activity. My son, Grant, surprised me Tuesday afternoon not 10" after I got home from work. He had flown in from Japan to surprise me and to be here for my museum reception on Thursday evening. I was totally surprised and a bit overwhelmed with emotion, but it seems everyone else was well aware of it and they all managed to keep it hidden from me. Lucky for me I knew my niece (from Seattle) and sister (from Hawaii) were coming ahead of time. They checked in with my daughter to see if she thought I could handle them all surprising me, and she wisely said, no. My niece left yesterday afternoon after a wonderful visit. This afternoon I will meet up with my aunt and uncle (from FL) and their 6 grandchildren who are all driving up from Colorado Springs where my cousin and his family live. We will tour my one person exhibit at the Littleton Museum together (which I have yet to see) and then come home for a family dinner. Photos are verboten at the museum but I have heard there were a few reprobates who managed to get some taken. No names will be mentioned!

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