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Monday, September 19, 2011

Victoria's Reception at the Littleton Museum

Here are a few shots of the exhibit. It doesn't appear busy, but the lot was packed and I suppose when you are taking photos surreptitiously, you wait for a quiet moment. I was kept busy for the short period of the reception, and admittedly, I was late to my own party. There was an accident that took place on our property 20" before I was due to leave and I was not dressed yet. I had to go out to see what happened as it sounded so horrific. My garden did take a beating, but thank God, no one was visibly hurt. I do believe the poor man who plowed through our yard in order to avoid a woman who ran a stop sign was suffering shock, and his car looked totaled. I apologize to any and all those who showed up and I did not get a chance to visit with. We were ushered out in short order. I only heard rave reviews from all those I did manage to talk to and the word on the street was that this is by far the best show this museum has had. Thanks again to all of my faithful friends, and acquaintances who continue to support me in my art journey. I talked to so many new people who are now interested in my work, receiving my newsletter and in me as teacher. The road continues to  open before me.

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