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Monday, September 5, 2011

Moving Forward

I neglected to take photos of the guest room when it was the collection point for  holding all the paintings as they were packaged up and checked off the list. Not a surface or wall area remained-including closets. It would have made for a more dramatic photo. I started moving them all downstairs this past week in an effort to keep the final loading to less up and down stairs. Now the main floor has paintings stacked all over. They are due at the museum on Thursday morning. I am hoping that my friend Jane and I can get them in our cars in one trip. I plan on loading my car up on Wednesday evening with the smaller pieces and leave the larger paintings for her Honda Element. The end is in sight! Or is it just the beginning of another chapter?

I am trying to finish one last painting today. I decided it was not good enough to make it to the  museum without more work. The other 3 that were on the chopping block seem to have come together well enough to be presented to the public. It is probably a good thing I started boxing paintings up fairly early in the process or I might never have felt any of them were ready!


Aloha Sistah said...

What an undertaking, just moving so many paintings, not to mention the thought, effort, and most importantly, talent, that went into bringing each one to life on a blank canvas.

Anonymous said...

Good job and YES, it's the beginning of a new Chapter!!