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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Another Go at it

Ye Olde Beer Glasses, 12x9, oil on canvas
Ok, round 2 of these beer glasses. I know I am getting behind in posting the paintings I have been working on for this month of 30 paintings in 30 days (now amended to painting every day for 30 days). I decided to work this one up again. It is not quite where it needs to be but it is far enough along to talk about. The first go around I felt the beer and the table were too close in color so in this version I lightened the table and gave more orange color to the beer to aid the contrast. The table really is sunshine yellow formica from the 60's. I believe these glasses are also from that era. They appear to be hand blown as they are both heavy glass and very irregular in shape. My drawing is really not that far off, believe it or not. I am working from a phone photo not from life. I had given this pair to my daughter for Christmas so she sent me the image to show they are enjoying the glasses. I never thought to paint them from life while they sat in my cupboards for the past 20 years!! Shame on me. And I like wheat beer, which is what these glasses are for. Weissbier in German. Prost!

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