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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Butterfly Alight

Butterfly Alight, 8x8, oil on panel
Almost did not make it today. It has been a busy last few days, and easel time not so much on the dance card. I am lucky I was a few paintings ahead of the game as I did skip a few days here and there not because I did not paint but just plain forgot to post them.

A dear friend of mine lost her mother this past year and she wanted to get a butterfly painting to remember her by. Apparently at the graveside service a butterfly (she could not describe it to me) kept coming and flying around the family and friends gathered there. I mentioned that I had started a butterfly painting that I could show here when I finished it. Then I got to thinking about it and decided that the image I was working on might not be the best option. I came across this idea and it seemed more appropriate somehow. This one then was done with her mother in mind. Simple, graphic but with a nice flow to it.

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