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Friday, February 6, 2009

2nd study

I am having a very "off" week. I disliked what I had done on Monday so I decided to just do a head study last night. It was not any easier but I feel a bit better about the results even though I did not complete it. I am still doing the same things "wrong." Not keeping my shapes simple enough and dinking around too much. He came around at the end of class and put in the orange where I had a more reddish orange color. He grayed down her neck shadow although it isn't that different than what I had it. He showed me that a thin (I can't even see it in this photo) line between the purple background and the side of her face turned away makes the face rounded; I had put in a bluish color and he said it needed to be warmer as the plane is still receiving light as it turns away; he used a greenish color. He also darkened her eye sockets (and enlarged the shadow shape) before adding the orange there. Mark also showed me that if I would exagerate the color how effective it can be. On her ear lobe he pushed the purpley color I had there to a darker purple red and then hit the bottom of the lobe with a dash of red. It is exciting. Which is why I am in the class. He definitely knows how to make colors vibrate.

I am so ready to go back outside and paint the landscape! It is a beautiful day today but just too windy.

I have been working on some other paintings; just not ready to post them. They are not new; just trying to improve what I already have.

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