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Thursday, February 12, 2009

MD Thursday class

first, let me start out with the comment my beloved children remarked about my start from Monday night's class when they were over for dinner Wednesday night: "Scary." There is nothing like offspring to keep you humble and in your place. And on that note, the painting is still scary.

The first hour of class was taken up with perspective as one of the other students was struggling with that and how it applies to the head. Mark was on a roll tonight. I saw him first thing and then not again until 10" before the end of class. First, and I knew this was coming, I was nailed for leaving all that white space in the background; that is cardinal rule number one, and I know it. You cannot get the correct value relationship if you are constantly relating to the white of the canvas (and Mark frowns mightily at tinted canvas). So it took me two sessions of the model to get all the white covered - I think I will go back to a smaller canvas for awhile and try to stick with the head/chest area. I have been biting off more than I can chew in the time alloted. Especially as I am not working any faster yet. When he came back my way 2.5 hours later, he remarked that I had not left enough space between the eyes. In the 10" remaining he showed me how to "see" that I must exaggerate the width between the eyes. And to draw the whole elipse of the iris and then paint the eyelid over it. I was instructed to pick another 3/4 view of the head next week and try that out for myself - to stop "dinking." One of the pointers that came out of the perspective lesson was that the interior point of the eye is lower than the exterior.

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