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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday drive to Fredericksburg

Stan and Ginny were so gracious it was hard to leave Dallas and their company. Here is Ginny before the guests arrived last night at the counter in the newly remodeled kitchen, a wonderful room filled with light. We left with a year's worth of reading material, wine, bread, fruit, shoes and shirts! Stan gave me a 2 volume set on Winston Churchill and a book I have already started called Blood and Thunder. I can't remember the book he gave to Cynthia.

The hill country of south central TX has drought conditions and this is not a good year for the Bluebonnets; but there are some and they grow along the banks of the highways as witnessed above and the wildflowers, that I know not what they are, below.

After unloading at the Comfort Inn we went to town and found the Markt Platz where we are to meet tomorrow morning for our first foray to the hinterlands to paint, and then we walked up and down Main Street (HauptStrasse) looking for the Whistle Pik Gallery, which we did not find. But we did find this wonderful building which is a new gallery set to open the first week of May, which such notables as Quang Ho, Scott Burdick, Pam Ingalls and other familiar names.

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