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Saturday, October 3, 2009

French Lockkeeper

I also have been working on another painting from reference material I took on my trip to France two years ago. This painting is of a lockkeeper. We rented a boat for a week on the Yonne River in Burgandy. We were in one of the locks where we had to either be raised or lowered - can't remember now, so he had to ride his bike to let us out at the other end. I am not quite finished with the tires but other than that I think it is complete. This photo has a bit of a yellow cast to it. I had fun with the textures on this one. It is 15" x 30."
Even though I wrote this post a week or so ago, I have still not finished this painting. I have been focusing on the looming deadline for entry to the Paint America Top 100. I just realized today that I had never uploaded the photo.

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