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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silent but for a good reason

I have been busy working on some large paintings, so it is harder to post as often. There is a show deadline coming up that has me focused on getting the piece I want to enter completed in time. The show is called Paint America. The painting I am doing is a large format for me, 18" x 36." I want to enter it in an online exhibit that is on Facebook, as well. Both deadlines are the end of this month. This project has kept me in my studio with one except. The cold, wet weekend two weeks ago, Richard and I drove up to Lost Park. I painted this little study above(8x8) as it snowed on me. I did not have gloves on and the paint was thick and unresponsive. But I painted.
I recently found out that the two pieces I submitted, see blog entry, to GTMD were both accepted. That show will be opening November 10 at the Denver Public Library and will hang through the end of the year. This show was a lot of fun last year, so if you can make it to the opening you will not be disappointed.
Yesterday I took the last of the 4 new paintings that Ron wants for the show opening the first Friday in November. The four paintings are: "The Composition of Winter," "Smokin" formally called French Construction Workers, "Reading @ the Metropolis" (ie Liz) and "Stately Oliver."

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