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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Save-Quayside

Quayside, 12,x16, 2005
In my effort to not work too hard for the Museum show, yet have a strong body of work, I have been looking at old paintings to see what I can salvage. This painting was a "good" painting for the time, and LOTS of people liked it, but it never sold. One year I had this hanging at the Summer Art Market where almost everyone walking by commented on how they liked it! I decided it was time to give it a new lease on life since at least I know it is a pleasing composition and/or subject. I started with the yellow boat, and worked out from there. I brightened the yellow using more pure color, and kept more yellow on the shadow side. For the shadow I mixed cad yellow medium with terra rosa and another pile of color using cad yellow medium and dioxide purple. I used these two to create transition from the darker to the lighter (from the back of the boat forward). The dark red boat color was about right, but I still worked on putting it into the sun; the light didn't read as well as it could. I totally missed the cast shadows of the ropes in the earlier version.

With the water, I started with the reflections making them more unified (there is that word again!). I then mixed a neutral gray blue green color as my medium color and blended that in all over the water (viridian green, burnt umber and a bit of Ultramarine blue and white). I let that sit overnight and then came back a day later and mixed a lighter medium value and then the lightest/brightest to hit the top of the water, also thinking about the water in back being lighter to transition to the darker water in front. Quite a save, I think.


Travelingrant said...

The difference between the two versions is like night and day. I always loved the old one, but you really have made it so much better.

Aloha Sistah said...

I remember this painting well. That yellow boat really pops out now as if it's beckoning the viewer to get on board and see where it takes them. Who needs a yellow submarine when a rowboat will do?