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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Girl with a Purpose

In A World of Her Own, 18x24
This reference photo was taken in October in Paris a few years ago. I was sitting on the rim of the fountain that is in the plaza by the Centre Pompidou and watching all the activity on a warm sunny afternoon even though the plaza is in shadow. It reminded me of my youth when we lived in France. On Sunday afternoons, a number of families would meet at a small town's restaurant, where multiple-coursed dinners were served over an afternoon. The children would go play in the town square between courses while the adults smoked, drank and talked. The same thing was happening here. This little girl was scooting her way around the plaza, while older boys were playing soccer around her and she is totally unconcerned by their running and shouting. There are bistros and restaurants surrounding the perimeter of the plaza where the outside tables are packed with locals and tourists alike.
The Fountain where I am sitting watching the world go by.(The Church is St Eustace, also worth visiting.)
The Pompidou is a Modern Art Museum named after the French President of the time (1977), Georges Pompidou.
Soccer being played
My little model getting a lesson on Skateboarding
I attempted to paint this same scene 3 years ago and utterly failed. I threw the original canvas away in frustration. At the time, I felt I had gotten everything pretty well nailed except the most important thing, which is the little girls face. I could not capture her expression nor her youth. I have not been able to get a photo that

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