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Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Something Completely Different

Finished T-shirt Quilt, 90 x 100
Twelve or so years ago a friend of mine brought in to work a t-shirt quilt she had made for her son. I was so impressed, I thought I should make one for my son, too. It is hard to believe it took me this long to get to it, but there is no denying it. I finally picked up this "project" last fall and decided if it were going to get done, I had better get with it. Last Friday, I delivered the finished top and bottom to someone who quilts and this Friday I picked up the finished piece. She said that is what a snow storm will do for you. This is one well traveled quilt, with t-shirts from all over the world, including themes of art, music, beer, and the outdoors. I used flannel as the solid colors and backing, so it should be a cozy comforter. I don't plan to ship the quilt to Japan where my son is currently living, but it will be waiting for him upon his return.


Aloha Sistah said...

Perhaps a completely different medium, however, the same graphic sensibility that shows up in your paintings of buildings and cityscapes is prominent here in the way you laid out the pieces. What a creative and thoughtful gift. I predict it will bring comfort for many years to come.

Karen said...

Victoria, it looks amazing! And what memories it will bring back to your son as he sleeps or snuggles under its warmth. Congratulations on a job VERY well done!

victoriasart said...

I will "complete" the quilt today, with the label ready to be hand-stitched on the back. Thank you Karen for your steadfast support in answering all my questions and concerns during this process. I have already started to cut out the next round of t-shirts to do pillow shams. Do you think I should have Lori quilt them to match or do you think I can do it differently without it looking too weird?