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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Castlewood Canyon Parking Lot

The Bird Box, oil on panel, 8x10

My daughter and I had planned to go hiking yesterday at Castlewood Canyon State Park near Franktown. Unfortunately as the time drew near to leave I realized that would not be in the best interest of my knee, which is giving me problems. So she and my husband hiked, and I took my paints along to enjoy being outside on a glorious winter day.

The top one came first. This was not what I had intended when I began. My original idea was to make it more abstract and flat. The textures in the grass got the better of me as the wind kept them moving the whole time I was out there. I see now some things that will be altered from this field sketch such as the dark green at the bottom. That needs to be softened down to be as one with the rest of the field.
Plains Study, oil on panel, 6x8
This second smaller study I was going again for flat color but the undulations of the sky and the fields come through. I hesitated to add the photo with my painting as I see so many accomplished plein air painters do this and their painting looks just like the scene they painted. I can't say the same for me...That field looks mighty monotone and mono color compared to what I 'saw.'

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