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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spanish Sheep Market Circa 1962

the Art of the Deal, Sheep Market, Spain, Circa 1962; oil on panel, 18x24

Here is my latest painting shown below as a work in progress.  I had wanted to do this in a square format but I did not have that sized surface ready when I was ready to go. The image used for this painting was from a slide that was turning orange that I had made into a digital image at Costco. My mother took the photo circa 1962 in Spain. The men at this sheep sale make me think of the Basque but according to her note it was just north of Barcelona, a place now known for its beaches. I was attracted to this image for a number of reason. I liked the composition; I liked the subject and I appreciated the group of men doing business. Each of them taking a unique stand, as it were. Something about a wet gray day and fairly flat light attracts me.

Sketching in on the canvas with colored pencil

Starting the big shape block in

Working on unifying the dark shapes

First wave of color in big shapes

Second wave of big shape value correction

Fine tuning figures and values, 18x24, oil on panel
I am struggling with a name for this painting; The Art of the Deal; Market Shares-Sheep Trading; Deals Going Down; Your thoughts?


bob ekelund said...

Wow. A terrific progression of form and color. I really like the "big shape correction" and the final product. The picture has a clear narrative. how about "Done Deal" for a title. Congratulations! Bob Ekelund (no relation to artist)

victoriasart said...

Many thanks Bob. I appreciate your comments and title suggestion. I did enjoy all the gestures that are so part of making a deal.

Anonymous said...

Vic, I love the Art of the Deal! CLC