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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Hideout Teepee

I am a bit behind these days; I am sure the break is as welcome for you as it is for me!
The Hideout, 8x8 oil

Last Saturday I went out plein air painting again. Oh my. Will this become a regular thing again? Who can withstand the call of being in the beautiful outdoors doing the one thing you love even on an off day?

It was a new location for me, being almost to Castlewood Canyon off Parker Road. Called Hidden Mesa Open Space (part of the city of Castle Rock). I saw so many great scenes I would have enjoyed painting on my way back to my car! I must remember to pay more attention when out scouting for a scene to put to canvas. So much to think about. Be that as it may, I did find a a little spot to sit for spell and did this small sketch. I discovered this little lean to someone had very meticulously built at the base of these willows. I don't normally like to sit when painting plein air but it was necessary this day so I wanted to focus on something close up and not a broad landscape view. There was a picnic bench nearby and a trail where some one or a number of people must come here. It is not seen from the main trail that takes you back to Cherry Creek and the walk along the mesas. It may not look that big from this sketch but I would think two kids or one adult could sit in there comfortably. I did  not go in to see the insides.

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