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Friday, October 10, 2008

HWY 67 outside of Sedalia

I had a day off from my day job on Thursday; I knew the weekend weather, starting with Friday, was not a sunny forecast for the Denver Metro Area, so I had asked to have it off so I could enjoy painting "en plein aire" with the autumnal colors and the fine weather before both are gone. My painting partner for the day had to beg off at the last minute, so Fritz, the wonder dog, and I, headed south of Denver on Santa Fe Drive to Sedalia and then towards Deckers. Not quite "foothills" but more like the "hogback." I found this amazing tapestry of color along the side the road. I had driven past it thinking I wanted to paint aspens before they were all gone, but turned around realizing that aspens and this route were not one and same thing. There were aspen along the way, but mostly dense evergreen forests, which I was not really interested in. I was quite happy in my little pull out and painted the following "Fall: Tapestry of Color, 16"x8":

We headed back towards town, stopping at the Audoban Center at Chatfield Resevoir to see what the colors there might be. It was noon, and though pretty, I did not feel like hauling my gear that far for what was there at that time of day. Fritz and I took a walk along the loop. It was a nice break.

At home, I remembered an old painting that had been done about this time of year in the backyard. Perfect! I painted over the old painting (ie 2002), keeping the existing structure even though I had moved a plant or two in the meantime. The white rose is now to the right of the mums. The plum tree had gotten bigger (imagine that!) so I had moved the rose a few years back to give them both more room to grow. It was nice to paint the scene from life over the old painting - usually I am lucky to find the photo reference! This photographed on the dark side.

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