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Saturday, October 4, 2008

On Squaw Pass Road

Friday saw me painting with Jeannie and Susiehyer off of Squaw Pass Road. The two of them stayed near the road and in the aspens painting. I choose a spot off the trail in the middle of the field. We ended up being chased away by snow! that turned to rain, but I had already finished my painting. I chose a more intimate view of a grouping of trees (12"X16"), while Jeannie started a vista with the great clouds that were moving in. Susiehyer had two aspens in the foreground with the field in the middle ground and more aspens and evergreens in her background. Isn't it grand how we can all see something different from the same scene?

We then headed to Susie's place on the other side of the mountain, where at least it was not raining - much. I did not finish my second painting of the day because I spent too much time sketching it out trying to figure out how I wanted to do it. But I do have a good start on it and I anticipate finishing it up at some point in time. I am thinking it will end up more abstract as I am just liking the shapes too much and the negative space created by the white chairs.

Here is a painting I did the last time I was at her place painting (this past summer) of a similar subject (chairs) that is across the lawn from the ones above. "Prayer Flags" below is on the patio outside Susiehyers studio, while I sat on the steps of her studio to paint the scene above. Both are 12"x9."

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