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Monday, February 16, 2009

another scary start

Tonight, I accomplished the first cardinal rule and that is my canvas is covered. I stepped back down to an 11" x 14" board. Since the model did not get up on the stand until an hour after the start time, I think I did well. Unfortunately, that is about all I can say for it. I did exaggerate the eye even though I had a profile tonight not the 3/4 I was directed to do. In the painting, I did notice the ear is too small compared to the drawing and the neck is to thick, among other things. I am posting the drawing I did first, as I need to see just how far off the drawing in the painting is. I did the drawing in just over one 20" session, so I did that faster, but this is one hard angle with added foreshortening. Not too many things to think about! I may have to start the painting over on Thursday now that I have a clearer eye - the painting is not even close to the drawing as far as proportions go.


Aloha Sistah said...

Scary? I think not. Rough, perhaps but isn't that partially the point? At least you are game for the challenge. Bravura trumps bravado!

victoriasart said...

Scary was the painting from the sketch, not the sketch itself. Notice I did not post the start of the painting? I did comment on some of the issues I had transitioning to the painting. tonight I did correct some of the drawing issues. Thank you for your continued faith in me.