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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Block in for Kevin's February assignment

I was able to sketch out the painting and block it in yesterday. I did have fun getting this far and the block-in got me thinking about gradation and how I wanted to approach it. Even though in my sketch I had thought quite a bit about gradation, putting paint on canvas had me thinking about it some more. This block-in is not quite true to color or value overall. Some things are lighter than they should be and some are darker. I did start to paint on it today and I had thought the sky was close to be correct, but after painting it in today I think it is too light and too blue; I want to gray it down. Walking the dog this evening with the sky ready to snow, I studied the color; it was very close to how I remember the sky in this painting, although this was fog. I am having fun, and I am happy to be painting this scene at last. I had done a quick sketch of this exact scene on-site; this was a town I thought was very paint-worthy but we were there as an aside.

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