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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The EYES have it for MD Class 3-9-09

A very intense eye, to be sure. So, Mark wants us to do a drawing, and individual feature studies and a black and white 5 value study painting on Monday nights to prepare for painting in color on Thursdays. I got two of the three done. This is my second drawing of the night, as the first one was a head study and after the first break I decided the figure was too good to just do a head study, so I switched to more of the figure. I liked all the triangles going on in the pose. I did get two "eyes" done, and just for your information, and mine, it is much harder than you think. I did both eyes, but the glare (wet paint) in the photo on the other eye just made it more weird than painting an eye alone is, so it was not ready for posting. I can see why Mark said it is so important to take the pieces apart first and study them before putting them all together. If you do that, I can see where the painting will be more fluid and the artist will be more "in the zone." I plan on doing the B/W study tomorrow. I actually find it easier to do the value study; color just throws me off. That is where the "value" (ha!) of the color charts will be helping me. And I used to think of myself as a colorist. It is a rude awakening.

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