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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MD Class 3-2-09

Last night Chris, the class monitor decided to do something creative with the lighting and he lit the background as well as the front of the model. I came home convinced, as is usual, that my background is too light and that I should darken it before class on Thursday. But I had to stop myself remembering that and to just wait until I am back in class to see just how far I need to take it. It is always hard for me to get the darker color of the background when it is in the light but I do know that when I squinted, his forehead was lighter, and right now it isn't. And then the other thing is, he is really red, and his forehead is not looking very red right now. But as far as trying to keep to the six elements of getting the value shapes in, I think I have at least managed to do that even if they aren't quite "there" yet.

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