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Sunday, March 8, 2009

a value re-evaluation

Ok, here is a good example of value differences for those who don't quite understand that term and its application. Since I had all these wonderful piles of mixed colors of different values left on my palette from making color charts, I went and found an old painting I had done plein aire that had colors corresponding relatively to what I had ready to go. The painting on the right won that honor last night. It is not that it is a great subject but I remember enjoying the day at Lair of the Bear when I painted it. Using the theme from February's assignment which is local tone with gradation, I put my new sense of value to work. I also played around with landscaping by changing the trees (my darks) into a different pattern. I think I made a more pleasing shape of the hillside too. In the redo, there is now a more distinct showing of three values: light, medium, and darks. Seeing the painting in the photograph I see I should do something with the shape of the light grasses in the lower left hand corner - not looking grassy at all... I may put in the fence and telephone poles. I am very pleased with my hillsides and the gradation; the green hillside reads as one shape, and one value (middle value) yet has a color and temperature change from purpley green to an ochre green. I know this painting will not win any awards, but it has been a good working lesson for me, and hopefully it will help me transition back to painting after my Waterloo of the last month.

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