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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alley Scene off Harvard Gulch in Denver

Friday was such a warm and sunny Colorado winter day, I grabbed my every ready back pack of gear and headed out to enjoy. I picked this alley for its purple and red/orange color as well as the light/dark patterns. Not all alleys are created equal. It had been a month since I have been out to paint and just getting outside rejuvenates my soul. This painting is a bit more abstract than I normally paint, but I sure did enjoy myself. It is 14 x11 inches and it took me 1.5 hours. I thought I had overworked it and spent way too long on it, as the light had changed so dramatically. But 1.5 hours is not that long, it is just the days are shorter. The last few things I went over I feel I should have left alone and that is I put in more patterns in the trees, and I liked them better as simple shapes. I also did not get the light burnt sienna color in for the light side of the electrical poles. This was a gessoed panel, which is slicker than working on canvas.

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