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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Painting from Hell or Gurgy sur L'Yonne street scene

I did not do as much to this as one would think given the difference in how the two were photographed. (DEC 31 post) Kevin asked if I had the photo reference with me, which I did not, but I did have the sketch from the original idea I had worked out. I had totally forgotten about the sketch it has been so long since I worked on this painting. What Kevin suggested I do was to paint from the sketch, as it was great. His critique then came from the sketch and its center of interest of the clump of vegetation almost dead center. So in essence, darken the building that is in the left corner and lighten the white building; darken the roof of the white building and simplify the plane facing the viewer. I also added the light "triangles" to the vegetation along the edge of all the buildings beginning with the left corner. I tried to lighten the building dead center that is integral to the vegetation, but I did not like it, but looking at the sketch next to the painting, I see that I still should think about that. Or darken the building with the two windows...that would make the other building appear lighter. Silly me, I thought the white house was the center of interest.

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