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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prayer Flags and Iron Patio Furniture

Below is a series as this plein air painting developed. The top one is the one I painted on site, which is right outside of Susiehyer's studio, on the steps leading up to it. This painting was done two years ago. The middle painting I gave shape to the rocks lining the patio, added color to the grass in the background and added the grass in the foreground. I probably did those touch ups a year ago. It still did nothing for me. A few weeks ago, I got this painting out again. I straightened up the fence, gave more shape to the grasses and more weight to the flagstones. I also popped some light into the iron chairs. The flags have stayed the same throughout. Just a bit of fun.


Jeanne Echternach said...

I love seeing the progression of this painting, Victoria. It really is about getting your shapes and values right, don't you think? This piece came together beautifully. It's interesting that you say the flags didn't change. But by changing the value of the background, the flags have come alive. Excellent job!

victoriasart said...

Yes, getting the shapes and values relational make or break what you are trying to say in a painting. In my explanation I am hoping others will pick up on those nuances such as how changing something else affects the painting other than what you might think needs help. Ie, the flags were rather anemic until I darkened the background. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.