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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hollyhocks are Bloomin'

Hollyhocks in morning light, 14x18, oil on board
On my way to work last Friday morning I noticed these hollyhocks when I looked up the hill to see if any cars were coming. I was so taken by it that I turned the opposite direction to go take a photo or 3. I decided I really wanted to paint this over the weekend. Sunday morning I went over and got a good block in and then I went back this morning and got some more done. To have done a plein aire painting of this size in that short of a time (1.25 hrs + 1.5 hrs) felt really good. This is the first real plein air piece I have done in over a year and a half and I didn't realize until I got back outside how much I do love painting outdoors. Even standing in weeds, with the wind blowing, near I-25. I never did notice the traffic noise.

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