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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh My! Is this embarrasing!

AFTER, 2012, 16x12, Cleaning Oysters

BEFORE, 2004
Oysters are something we almost always get when we go visit relatives in California, and at the time, the oysters we bought had to be cleaned. They no longer need to be cleaned but still shucked, of course. This is a painting that I did from a photograph (a 6x4" photograph at that) 8 years ago. The photo was taken in 1997, a bit before digital photography. In the original painting I left out the petunias on the wall, a favorite of my Mother-in-law's, but in the redo, I thought not only would they be a great reminder of her, but it also adds great visual interest. The petunias were in the photo.

I started out safe, and redid the boxwood hedge and then added the petunias. The petunias halted the eye moving off the painting via the wall. Then I redid his shirt and shorts really trying to simplify the shapes and giving a better sense of the light and dark patterns. Next, with great trepidation, I went to the figure. Softening the transitions between the light and darks and softening the definitions of his muscles. I warmed him up quite a bit giving him a nice farmer's tan. It may be a bit too warm, but I like it. I pushed the right leg back into the shadows where it belongs. His hair is platinum blonde and I am not totally convinced that I am done on that point. Last came the bucket and the foam cooler. I think it is much improved.

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