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Friday, June 22, 2012

Oil Painters of America In Evergreen. CO

Wednesday was the start of the OPA 21st National Juried Show of Traditional Oils week of activities. It started with a "Pampered Paint Out" hosted by Southwest Art Magazine and held at the SWA's regional ad reps home.You cannot tell from my photos here but there were over 80 artists on location along with some spouses. Southwest Art provided breakfast, lunch and appetizers with wine and beer, so we were definitely pampered! The food was very good. The camaraderie was worth its weight in gold. I did paint in the morning, but I wiped it off. I was not very motivated. Too many people to see and meet! I spent lunch through appetizers just walking around talking to whomever wasn't painting and watching those who were. I had a great time.
In the photo above is right in front of Kimberly's deck. It was an overcast cool day so it was perfect for so many artists. The shade was not at a premium as is usual at events of this sort. In brown is Debra Joy Groesser, an artist worth watching, from Nebraska. I don't know the others. I met Cliff Barnes from Burbank, CA, Thom Thompson from Indiana and a few whose names I don't remember but they were from Utah, New Mexico, Montana and Florida to name a few. I heard there was someone from Rhode Island and another from New Jersey. Most of the artists who come from so far tie this into a vacation.
The artist in the above photo is another artist to watch. I think his last name is Kiang and he just joined OPA so is not in the current show that is opening this evening in Evergreen. He did two amazing paintings. For some odd reason, I was out walking around without my camera most of the time so I did not get many photos. Me, who is never without a camera! Go figure. I did find out he has a gallery in Santa Fe. He does not speak much but his wife chatted with my friend, Jeanne Echternacht, seated with me below.
The Opening is at Evergreen Fine Art Gallery, 3042 Evergreen Parkway, from 5-8. The Awards ceremony is from 8:15 to 10 pm. The show is up through July 21 for those who would like to see it. I am honored to be one of the 190 artists whose work was chosen to hang in this show. The word on the street is that there were over 2400 paintings submitted! Would love to see you there tonight - come visit with artists from all over the USA!

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victoriasart said...

Well, I got a few names is Thom Robinson from Indiana, and not Kiang but Gary Kim from Santa Fe. Bound to happen when you meet so many different people in such a short period of time. I stand corrected!