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Sunday, January 11, 2015

abstracted beach -day 10

Abstracted Beach, 9x12, oil on Masonite
Well, shut my mouth! I found the way to do at least one day prior maybe two, for uploading late to the 30 Paintings in 30 Days blog. I did not see it the first time and I am not really wanting to write more, but I will get this one done just because.

Talk about a slick surface! I had not put a primer on this Masonite board as I save them for gluing linen canvas to. But this was the last 9x12 in my studio so I grabbed it and just started painting. It did allow for some crazy brush work, which for me, is very freeing. I had thought this would be layer one and I would paint more on it after it dried. I probably will still do that, but it was my painting for day 10, so here it is.

I had done two paintings during the week from a photograph of the water beautifully reflecting the light. I painted on the same board, building those layers I so want to explore. My plan was to keep developing it and further abstracting it with each new "painting." I decided to do this on a clean canvas to see how it went before going any further. I like this one the best of the three!

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