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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Not so fun part of Art

I am only writing today because I want to share with other Denver artists a lesson learned. Being new to the world of shipping paintings, the process is definitely an eye opener. And the paintings I have had to ship have been large paintings. Today I took the Alley Hollyhock painting to get it boxed and shipped to arrive in Scottsdale on Wednesday. Unfortunetly, it has a large thick frame on it, being 3" deep and 4.5" all the way around. It added a lot to the cost of shipping, I found out. I went to 4 shipping centers today, one refusing to even pack it, before I found Navis Pack and Ship. Navis is located on 2306 S. Colorado Blvd. The young man was helpful, pleasant, and was going to build the box for the painting to size, instead of fitting it in a too large of a standard size (UPS) for which I had to pay for the extra size and packing materials, of course. With insurance, Navis was about $100 less than what UPS quoted me. The other point was that I needed to include a return label in the event the painting doesn't sell. Navis will do that and charge me only if the label is used. UPS I have to pay up front and then submit paperwork to get reimbursed if the label is not used. In the defense of UPS, I did use them for my two prior art shipments and all arrived in good shape to the best of my knowledge. But if all goes well with this latest and largest painting, Navis will have my future business.


Cynthia said...

Vic, This info would be good to post on FB. I see Navis has a location in the Springs too. Thanks for sharing.

Aloha Sistah said...

That's who we used to pack all of your art (my prized possessions, I emphasized to them at the time!) when we moved from Colorado to Hawaii. You had suggested taking out the glass (in the pieces that had glass) but they were confident that wasn't necessary so I didn't. Everything arrived intact. Glad to hear they're still in business and there to help you in your moment of need.